Upcoming meetings

Oktoberfest update

The third annual Grog Cobras Oktoberfest is this weekend.

There is also a last minute location change. Chris M is no longer able to host so we will be moving a few blocks over to Tyrone M’s home. Other than that, all is the same.

Oktoberfest incoming

Winter is coming gone, Oktoberfest 2017 is nearly here.

The Grog Cobras are gearing up to bring you the third annual Oktoberfest celebration.
It’s nearly time to join our Germanic brethren, don some stylish leather shorts and enjoy some hand crafted beers and delicious smoked pig.

On October 28th Chris M’s home will once again transform into the hub for food, friends and frothy beverages.
For just $15 you can purchase a perfect pulled pork poboy and there may just be a home brew or two to wash it down.

Taco Festa 2017

Taco Festa is back!


Chris M has stepped up to the plate for a second time after hosting last year’s inaugural fund raiser. The food will be flowing from his garden and kitchen to feed the hungry masses.


The Grog Cobras will also be hosting the next round of their competition series on the night and the event attendees get to be the judges. The club will have entries for the under 3.5% ABV competition ready for tasting on the night.


Lunch at Little Creatures

This Sunday from 12:30 the Grog Cobras will be down at Little Creatures – Geelong.

All are welcome to come buy and meet the crew while enjoying a good meal and some tasty beers. We have members from all skill levels from the occasional kit brewer to full blown professional. No need to be shy, just look for the group in the black polos with the Grog Cobras logo on the front.

If you want any further information just shoot me an email here.

Lunch at Little Creatures

Are you looking for something to do this Sunday?
Do you like the tasty food and beer at Little Creatures Geelong?
Do you like shooting the breeze with other passionate, local homebrewers?

If you shouted ‘YEAH!’ to all three of those questions you are in luck my friend. This Sunday you are invited to come to Little Creatures at 12:30 and hang out with the Grog Cobras in person!
We will have members on site just chilling out and generally being cool guys. You should totally come along and say ‘Hi’.

You are welcome to come and join us whether you are a complete newbie just getting started with a Cooper’s kit and a bag of sugar or an all grain wizard with a custom built, fully automated stainless steel masterpiece. No need to be shy, just look for the group in the black polos with the Grog Cobras logo on the front.

If you want further information just shoot me an email here.

October meeting

The March meeting is on this Friday (10-10-2014) at Tyrone’s place in Geelong.

The meeting begins at 19:30 with the Emulation Competition beginning at 20:00. Competitors must remember to bring along a bottle of the beer you are trying to emulate.

May the best brewer win!

March meeting

The March meeting is on this Friday (14-03-2014) at Hauke’s place in Belmont.

The meeting begins at 19:30 with tastings at 20:00.

All of the upcoming meetings for the next 12 months have been included on the calendar in the side-bar of this site. For everyone who has subscribed to the Grog Cobras calendar should have all of the events automatically added.

Big February meeting

This Valentine’s day (14-02-2014) marks the biggest planned meeting in our history.

Everything starts at the same routing time (19:30 for the meeting and 20:00 for tastings) at Beer Lab.
Except that this meeting marks our five year anniversary as well as our first AGM and fully democratic elections for leadership.
The tastings section has been overhauled for our first intra-club competition with special guest judges. As of right now about half the club are brewing up a storm to be the champion of the Bock-Off and walk away as our first ‘King Cobra’.

This should be a truly fun and exciting meeting. If anyone out there needs more information, just leave a comment.

January meeting & Matilda Bay brewery tour.

January meeting

The January meeting is on tonight (17-01-2014) at Adam and Scott’s home.

The meeting begins at 19:30 with tastings due to start at 20:00 (just in time for the cool change to roll in).

Matilda Bay brewery tour

The first non-meeting event for the year is on tomorrow (18-01-2014) at the Matilda Bay brewery. We have a tour booked to check out how they do things up in Melbourne.

It looks like a great way to start the new year.

December meeting.

The December meeting is on this Friday (13-12-2013) at Bjorn’s new place in Hamlyn Heights.

The meeting begins at 19:30 with tastings at 20:00.