Taco Fest wrap up

The food

Chris M put on a (yet another) tasty spread of food.
The pulled pork wraps (with crackling) were only enhanced by his new range of home made chilli sauces. The crowd in attendance was routinely heading back to the kitchen for seconds (and even thirds).

The beers

We saw possibly our strongest display of competition beers for the <3.5% ABV theme.

In the end Chris T’s Chocolate Mocha Porter beat out Jimbo G’s prickly pear cider, making Chris T our new club champion.

January meeting

The first meeting of the year will be on Friday the 16th of January at Bjorn’s new place in Lara.

The meeting begins at 19:30 and you will have your opportunity to pick up your kit for the next competition. We also have a vote or two to get out of the way so come along and make your voice heard.

November meeting follow up

It was a great meeting last Friday.
There was a decent turnout at a new venue, one of our guests (Joel) turned out taste buds to 11 with his mead and cider creations and we grew our numbers just a bit.

We would like to give a big welcome to Chris and Jimbo to the Grog Cobras and I for one look forward to sharing many tasty beers with you both in the future.


This is the website for the Geelong based homebrew club known only as the Grog Cobras.

Founded in February of 2009 by six local brewing enthusiasts. After more than a year of monthly meetings we have an amazing seven members.

We encourage the brewing (and appreciation) of beers, ciders and meads all all varieties.