Oktoberfest wrap up

The final major event for the year is done & dusted.

The weather was fantastic as was the crowd, food & beer.

We had 8 beers along for tasting ranging from a Strawberry & Lemon Stout to a Lime & Papya IPA, but the crowd favourite by far was the Cranberry & Blueberry Wheat which saw Joel S & Joel R take the (joint) crown as the latest club champions.

Grog Cobras library

Over the last year I have come into the possession of a fair bit of beer relating reading material, in no small part thanks to generous donations from Hauke and Chris.
I have collated these and formed the Grog Cobras library.

Currently the material is entirely Homebrewer and Brewer & Distiller International magazines, but it’s a start.


All publications are free to loan for any Grog Cobras member.

October meeting follow up

H is leaving

After nearly six years with the club, founding member H is pulling up stumps (for now) and is heading back to his native Germany for work. This comes on the back of the big news that he has just completed his PhD.

Dr H is one of the more active members of the club so it will be sad to see him go, however it can never hurt to have a friend over in Germany during Oktoberfest.

His younger brother Bjorn will be extending his responsibilities as VP to be include being acting Secretary until the next elections in February.

Emulation competition results

After taking control of the club’s secretarial duties his first course of action was to win the emulation competition.

Bjorn presented a Guinness clone that easily took first place. He has now the club champion and gets to enjoy all the spoils that come with it.

Brew voucher prize

Pete drew the lucky number and walked away with a $25 voucher for WRG for his next homebrew.

Bock-off results

On Friday four of our members participated in our first intra-club competition.

Blake came second by a single vote to leave Hauke as our first club champion. H can now bask in the glory of being the number one Grog Cobra.

We had a special guest judge from a local brewery pass their own judgement on the entrant’s contributions and Blake’s smokey bock came out in the prime position.

Congratulations to both Blake and Hauke for their outstanding efforts.

Events scaled back.

In 2012 we had an outstanding level of success with holding an extra non-official meet-up each month. Nearly all of these were very successful with reasonable attendance across our membership.

Sadly that is not the case this year. The extra events that we have tried this year have mostly met with very low attendance or cancellation.
I feel that there were two major contributors to the drop off. One of them being that I no longer have the personal time to organise and coordinate all of the events.
The second factor is the extra public meeting at Odyssey Tavern and Brewery. With two monthly meetings I feel that we are getting a little bit burned out by having a third meet-up each month.

As the lunches at Odyssey Tavern and Brewery are highly enjoyable I have decided to cancel all other extra meetings (with a few notable exceptions).

From now on we have our normal Friday meeting and our Sunday lunch at Odyssey each month but the extra events have been culled to the camping trip, Good Beer WeekGreat Australian Beer Festival and Octoberfest.

If other members come up with a good idea for something to do we can always have a go at getting it running, but I will no longer be actively looking for extra activities.

I am sorry if this detracts from your enjoyment of Grog Cobras but I hope that this will allow for the remaining events to get some extra attention and be even more enjoyable.

I hope to see you soon and as always, enjoy your beer.

Tyrone McDonald
Club President.