Extra events

Little Creatures lunch & Super Brew III

The next lunch session at Little Creatures – Geelong is nearly here.

This month it will be a bit different. We will be brewing a Trappist beer for Super Brew III that morning from 10:00 inside the actual brewery. All members are encouraged to attend, but can you please let me know in advance so that we can ensure that you will have access to the brewing area.

The standard plan has had a bit of a mix up due to Super Brew III so lunch will be pushed out to 13:00 to accommodate the brewing schedule.

You are welcome to come and join us whether you are a complete newbie just getting started with a Cooper’s kit and a bag of sugar or an all grain wizard with a custom built, fully automated stainless steel masterpiece. No need to be shy, just look for the group in the black polos with the Grog Cobras logo on the front.

If you want further information just shoot me an email here.

Lunch at Little Creatures

Can you hear that distant rumbling on the wind?
That’s the sound of the next Grog Cobras Sunday session at Little Creatures – Geelong rapidly approaching.

So come on down this Sunday from 12:30 if you want to spend some time talking shop with a bunch of local brewers (of all skill levels).

You are welcome to come and join us whether you are a complete newbie just getting started with a Cooper’s kit and a bag of sugar or an all grain wizard with a custom built, fully automated stainless steel masterpiece. No need to be shy, just look for the group in the black polos with the Grog Cobras logo on the front.

If you want further information just shoot me an email here.

Return of the Dread

This Thursday from 1800, Little Creatures – Geelong are providing beer tastings and finger food to celebrate the launch of their first seasonal beer, Return of the Dread.
The beer itself is described on the website as being a seven malt mash with Fuggles hops to make a dark, black, formidable yet smooth beer. As one of the stout fans of this club, I am very much looking forward to trying this one.

Little Creatures tour wrap up

On Sunday some of the club faithful as well as a past member and several guests met at Little Creatures – Geelong for our regular lunch and beers session.

This time we were treated to a bonus behind-the-scenes tour by Chris.

The tour took us through the brew house, mill and yeast propagation areas (including a glimpse at a sneaky home brew setup tucked away in a quiet area) through to getting a good look at the bright tanks and the packaging plant.

The highlight was getting a taste of the Pale Ale at various stages of conditioning (including a finished version at the venue canteen).

It was a great opportunity to get a good look around the brewery and pick the brains of one of the brewers that make the magic happen.

Joe White Maltings trip follow up (+ beers at The Mallow Hotel)

Source: http://www.cargill.com.au/wcm/groups/public/@csf/@australia/documents/image/na3078491.jpg

A few weeks ago several the club took a tour of the Joe White Maltings facility in Ballarat.

Pete, Scott, H and I were joined by Rachel, Leigh (from the Odyssey Real Beer Club) and Damien were shown the ropes by Drew, the facility manager.

We learned that despite the facility being huge, that it was dwarfed by the other malting facilities. The Ballarat plant mainly deals with specialty malts while the other facilities deal with the production of the base malts.

The tour started at the loading dock and proceeded to follow the system from start to finish.

From the dock the grains make their way to the steeping pit where they are soaked and turned over many days until germination begins.
During this time the enzymes are produced that convert the inner components of the grain. One of the changes that occurs is the grain’s starch reserves are made accessible for further modification.

At this point germination is halted by heating and drying the grains. This preserves the grains (and their starchy insides).

When dried the grains make their way to the roasters. There were very noisy pieces of machinery, but luckily we were able to file into a nearby office where Drew explained to us that the roasters are used to caramelise and toast the grains to various extents as required by their clients.
The more the malt was toasted, the more burnt and coffee-like the flavour became.

We had some question time with Drew where we learned some of the basics of the business side including the reach of their distribution; all the way from Ballarat to South East Asia.

Source: https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpf1/v/t1.0-9/300016_219264134806887_995615208_n.jpg?oh=209f3ff6475ed0b045be98418f0a3984&oe=54F4B7E7&__gda__=1425461086_222110772b689d5e3bec1b4bdc317f8aAfter seeing what goes into making the product that is sent to the brewers we decided that it would be a great idea to sample some of the goods that are sent from the brewers. The word on the street in Ballarat is if you want the best craft beer, you head to The Mallow Hotel.

At the Mallow we had a good selection of craft beers available *and even an odd barley wine or two). The food was a real highlight. The beef burger was amazing and just the thing (along with a tasty pint) to cap off a great day.

Thanks again to Drew from Joe White Maltings (who was generously donated a bag of grain to the club) for coming into work on your day off to show us around.

Big February meeting

This Valentine’s day (14-02-2014) marks the biggest planned meeting in our history.

Everything starts at the same routing time (19:30 for the meeting and 20:00 for tastings) at Beer Lab.
Except that this meeting marks our five year anniversary as well as our first AGM and fully democratic elections for leadership.
The tastings section has been overhauled for our first intra-club competition with special guest judges. As of right now about half the club are brewing up a storm to be the champion of the Bock-Off and walk away as our first ‘King Cobra’.

This should be a truly fun and exciting meeting. If anyone out there needs more information, just leave a comment.

January meeting & Matilda Bay brewery tour.

January meeting

The January meeting is on tonight (17-01-2014) at Adam and Scott’s home.

The meeting begins at 19:30 with tastings due to start at 20:00 (just in time for the cool change to roll in).

Matilda Bay brewery tour

The first non-meeting event for the year is on tomorrow (18-01-2014) at the Matilda Bay brewery. We have a tour booked to check out how they do things up in Melbourne.

It looks like a great way to start the new year.

Odyssey Tavern and Brewery lunch.

We delayed the May lunch at Odyssey Tavern & Brewery a week due to the engagement of one of our founding members. This means we get to be spoiled and have two lunches in June!

I can’t think of a better way to help put the absolute shambles that the Good Beer Week Pub Crawl turned out to be than to kick back and relax and Geelong’s premier craft brew venue.

Come along at 12:30 this Sunday and have a beer and a bite with the Grog Cobras.

Odyssey Tavern and Brewer

Odyssey Tavern and Brewer

March Odyssey meet up.

This Sunday (the day after Poker Night III) is out monthly meet up at Odyssey Tavern & Brewery.

Not only is it Easter Sunday, but it will also be the first anniversary of the opening of Odyssey so there is likely to be a bit of fun and games going on.

So come along at 12:30 for lunch and celebrate your sudden cash bonus from the night before or maybe just count your losses, either way, it is a great place to get the hair of the dog and enjoy our favourite craft beer oasis.

Poker Night III.

Poker Night II is on this Saturday at Beer Lab.

We will be playing Texas Hold ‘Em and it will cost $5 a game to play with a new fast format to allow us to have multiple games during the night.
Rock up at 19:30 for the first game to start at 20:00. Don’t worry if you are going to be late, just join in on one of the later games.

A few people have already confirmed their attendance, but if you feel like coming along, just let me know.

There will be some snacks provided, but BYO beers.