A long time ago in the distant past six friends were having some quiet drinks (in a responsible manner) when the conversation turned to brewing. It just so happened that all six were currently dabbling in home brewing. It wasn’t long until the inevitable happened. Someone suggested that we should all get together and share our beers (and knowledge – or lack thereof).

Soon after, they all met up on a warm February night in 2009 and formed the Geelong based home brewing club, the Grog Cobras.

They started meeting up once a month and it wasn’t long until someone would bring a friend along who was interested in getting into ‘all that beer stuff’ and soon we had a few different faces showing up regularly.

Not content with just meeting up once a month and showing off and sharing their brews, the club started to get into a variety of extra activities from attending brewery tours and beer festivals to hosting poker nights and rock climbing days. The annual camping trip has been a staple since the first year and has provided plenty of great times (none of which will be shared on this site!).

Currently the Grog Cobras have over ten members and still enjoy the monthly meet up.

If you are interested in learning more about the club please contact us.

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  1. Hi Tyrone, you may recall I wrote an email to you a couple of months back about attending one of your meetings. Unfortunately due to work commitments I wasn’t able to make it to Odyssey in December or January, but should be good for February. Do you still meet the last Sunday of each month?

  2. Hi, i am interested in catching up with a few people to discuss Home Brew improvements.
    it has been awhile since i have brewed any beer or spirits, but i am looking to get back into it.
    Do you meet on a regular basis & if so when?

  3. Hi Guys, we are setting up a craft beer brewing club in Yack and would like to visit some other clubs to meet and take advantage of what you already know. Can you please reply with contact details and we can have a chat?
    Cheers, Kevin Poyner

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