Month: June 2018

Grog Blog – Plum Cider: The Plan

What am I doing?

I am making some delicious, crystal clear, sparkling plum cider.

Why am I doing it?

I don’t remember ever having Plum Cider, so why not make some?
Plus, I don’t make much cider. The stuff I do make is nearly always apple cider and it is nearly always working with other people and not as a solo effort.

What amĀ  I making it with?

There is a Chinese Plum tree in my yard that produces a modest amount of fruit each year. Sometimes I get to harvest those fruit before the hoards of birds and bats consume them all.
Last year was one of the years that I managed to get a harvest in.

I ended up with about six shopping bags of fruit and a desire to make something from them.

I picked up some cider yeast and borrowed a sausage mincer and cider press. My old glass fermenters were pulled out of storage for their first use and I began wistfully looking at my calendar for a free afternoon.

How am I making it?

The outline was simple (long, but simple):

  1. Remove the pits from the fruit.
  2. Put the flesh through the sausage mincer.
  3. Put the mince in the cider press and make some delicious plum juice in a plastic fermenter.
  4. Maybe dilute the juice down a bit.
  5. Add some potassium metabisulfite (precaution after the great lemonade explosion of 2017).
  6. Wait two days.
  7. Pitch some yeast.
  8. Primary ferment until completion.
  9. Crash chill.
  10. Transfer into glass fermenters (with some more K-meta).
  11. Wait 50 days.
  12. Rack into another glass fermenter (with more K-meta).
  13. Wait another 50 days.
  14. Rack into another glass fermenter (with even more K-meta).
  15. Wait ANOTHER 50 days.
  16. Package it.
  17. Drink some delicious, crystal clear, sparkling plum cider in the sun shine.

When am I doing it?

It is already underway. Step 14 of this initial plan has already happened. And so many things have gone different to plan. Stay tuned for what the hell happened.