Month: January 2018

Grog Blog – The Author

Hi. I’m Tyrone.

I am a founder and the current President of the Grog Cobras.

I thought I would run a small blog series on this site. Partly to generate some content and partly to provide a creative outlet via writing which has sat dormant for way too long.

I have been home brewing for quite a few years. I started making kit beers in the kitchen with my dad in my late teens and eventually moved on to acquiring my own equipment and setting out on my own.
It took me a while to step out from the safety of kit brewing but once I did I never looked back.

Since stepping up my brewing game I have managed to move into brewing professionally, which has been an incredibly rewarding decision.

I tend to spend way more time than necessary refining recipes and tinkering with the never ending home brewery build slowly taking up my entire workshop.

That being said, in the coming posts I hope to share with you some of the activity going on when I’m brewing out back.