Month: February 2016

Great Australian Beer Festival home brew competition standings

Final winners

Champion home brewer

Grant Smith


Champion Lager

Dominic Tyley-Miller (126)

Champion Wheat Beer

John Fraser (121)

Champion Pale Ale

Timothy Ivan Ward (102)

Champion IPA

Grant Smith (127)

Champion Dark Beer

Timothy Ivan Ward (112.5)

Champion Specialty Beer

Deon Smit (107)


Final runners-ups


2nd          Jordan Elwell (96)
3rd           John Fraser (93)

Wheat Beer

2nd          Dominic Tyley-Miller (111)
2nd          Adrian de Leiros (111)

Pale Ale

2nd          Sam Harvey (97)
3rd           Dominic Tyley Miller (84)


2nd          Scott Hunt (123)
3rd           Adam C North
4th           Aaron Whitehand

Dark Beer

2nd          James Rimmer (112)
3rd           John Fraser (73)

Specialty Beer

2nd          Dominic Tyley-Miller (98)
3rd           Roddy Nash (96)


Non-finalist placings


Wheat Beer

4th           Sam Harvey (119)
5th           Timothy Ivan Ward (100.5)
6th           Gerald Gierer (96)
7th           James Rimmer (73.5)

Pale Ale

4th           Dean Pierce (95.25)
5th           Robert Green (92.5)
6th           Grant Smith (91.5)
7th           Aaron Whitehand (90.75)
8th           Damien Mark Carroll (87.75)
9th           Grant Cadwallander (78)
10th         John Fraser (75.75)
11th         Sean Keneally (53.25)


5th           Damien Mark Carroll (115)
6th           Sam Harvey (107)
7th           Dan Koorey (105)
8th           Dominic Tyley-Miller (100)
9th           Adrian de Leiros (91)
10th         Deon Smit (85.5)
11th         John Fraser (70)
12th         Sean Keneally (31)

Dark Beer

4th           Aaron Whitehand (100.5)
5th           Clayton Morrison (99)


Specialty Beer

4th            Sean Keneally (126)
5th            Grant Smith (117)
6th            James Rimmer (115.5)
7th            Damien Mark Carroll (110.25)
8th            Clayton Morrison (107.25)
9th            Grant Cadwallander (96.75)
10th          Leon Douglass (94.5)
11th          Adrian de Leiros (82.5)
12th          John Fraser (78)

Please note that the beers were judged in two rounds. In the first round the beers were judged and the top three beers in each category were selected to proceed to the final round.

In the final round the beers were judged to a stricter criteria by a panel of three brewery professionals. The scores reported for the finalists are for the second round of judging. This may have resulted in a finalist having a lower score than a non-finalist. All finalists have placed higher than non-finalists regardless of score.

GABF home brewing competition winners

Hi everyone.

Full results will be up tomorrow.

For now, the winners address are…

Best Lager:
Dominic Tyley-Miller

Best Wheat:
John Fraser

Best Pale Ale:
Timothy Ivan Ward

Best IPA:
Grant Smith

Best Dark:
Timothy Ivan Ward

Best Specialty:
Deon Smit

Champion Home Brewer:
Grant Smith

Congratulations guys. Well deserved.