Month: March 2015

Lunch at Little Creatures

Are you looking for something to do this Sunday?
Do you like the tasty food and beer at Little Creatures Geelong?
Do you like shooting the breeze with other passionate, local homebrewers?

If you shouted ‘YEAH!’ to all three of those questions you are in luck my friend. This Sunday you are invited to come to Little Creatures at 12:30 and hang out with the Grog Cobras in person!
We will have members on site just chilling out and generally being cool guys. You should totally come along and say ‘Hi’.

You are welcome to come and join us whether you are a complete newbie just getting started with a Cooper’s kit and a bag of sugar or an all grain wizard with a custom built, fully automated stainless steel masterpiece. No need to be shy, just look for the group in the black polos with the Grog Cobras logo on the front.

If you want further information just shoot me an email here.