Month: November 2014

Grog Cobras library

Over the last year I have come into the possession of a fair bit of beer relating reading material, in no small part thanks to generous donations from Hauke and Chris.
I have collated these and formed theĀ Grog Cobras library.

Currently the material is entirely Homebrewer and Brewer & Distiller International magazines, but it’s a start.


All publications are free to loan for any Grog Cobras member.

November meeting follow up

It was a great meeting last Friday.
There was a decent turnout at a new venue, one of our guests (Joel) turned out taste buds to 11 with his mead and cider creations and we grew our numbers just a bit.

We would like to give a big welcome to Chris and Jimbo to the Grog Cobras and I for one look forward to sharing many tasty beers with you both in the future.