Month: December 2012

Camping follow up.

A couple of weeks ago we had the 4th annual Grog Cobras camping trip to Aire River.

As an absolute rarity, we actually managed to have it in the designated month this time.

Unfortunately for readers, what happens on the camp stays on the camp, so you will just have to make an effort and come along and join us next December.

St. Kilda Taphouse follow up.

In November H, Bjorn, Blake and I headed up to The Local Taphouse – St. Kilda for a night out with some delicious beers.

The venue had tasting paddles that allowed you to mix and match a selection of their tap beers. The boys thoroughly enjoyed them.

A line up of the tasting paddles.

A line up of the tasting paddles.

There was some live music on the night which featured one man playing two saxophones at once, which was highly entertaining.

My personal beer highlight of the trip was a split between two Kölschs. The Gilden Brewery Sion and the 4 Pines Kölsch were the stars of the night.

VicBrew follow up.

In October H and I travelled up to the Belgian Beer Cafe Eureka to check out the Victorian Amateur Brewing Championships 2012.

We decided to check out what the venue had to offer before wandering upstairs to have a look at the competition. There were a lot of very tasty beers available but my personal highlight was the B-2 Bomber Black IPA from Bridge Road Brewers. It was a very delicious beer with a taste you wouldn’t expect from a black beer. It was definitely one of my favourite beers of the year.

My family and I with a tasty black beer.

My family and I with a tasty black beer.

H enjoying a delicious beer.

H enjoying a delicious beer.

H and I had a quick look upstairs at the competition in progress and had a bit of a chat with the organisers and a few familiar faces.

For those of you playing at home, I had a stout entered in the competition and I did absolutely dismally. At least there is room for improvement next year.