Month: October 2012

Octoberfest follow up.

In late September we headed down to the Rhinegold for a meal and some beers.
It was also the grand unveiling of our new shirts.

Scotty and I looking schmick in the new Grog Cobras t-shirts.

For a small cost we got the all-you-can-drink Schoefferhofer deal. The barmaid told us there was only one keg of the imported German beer, and as it ran out before we left, I can only assume that we were the winners.

Our tamed German brewers were also selected to be the pig-carriers at the start of the meal. Bjorn and Hauke got to parade the food around the venue and drum up a bit of excitement.

Hauke and Bjorn with tonight’s main meal.

Overall, it was a pretty good night out. I can see this becoming a staple annual event.

Bellarine Brewery Trip follow up.

In August a small group of us went to check out a local brewery and cidery.
Our first stop of the trip was Leura Park Estate, the home of Flying Brick Cider.
While there we had a bit to eat for lunch and we were all impressed by our meals. We also tried a few of their ciders.
I had two of their range; Draught Cider and Original Cider. They were both incredibly similar and I probably would have struggled to tell them apart on taste alone. Both were quite heavy bodied for a cider and had a slight caramel taste and were very decent to drink. There was also a Pear Cider available but we were keen to move on to the brewery for the day.

Someone nearly looked at the camera for this shot.

H send this to me titled ‘Worst Grog Cobras photo EVER’.

We then moved on to Bellarine Estate to try the range of beers from Bellarine Brewing Co..
This place was a bit busier than Leura Park, but we managed to snare a table and a few of the guys had a second lunch. It all looked very tasty, but the beer tasting paddle was the star of the day. It featured generous serves of four of their beers and we all branched out and got a pot of the last variety to boot. The Queeenscliff Ale was the highlight of the lot with it’s pale malt and light hops. The heads Ale and Two Wives were both also quite good. The Mussel Stout was a bit of an aquired taste and the Bellarine Bitter was no good at all. It’s a shame as the other beers were really solid.

The afternoon was quite good and the guys really enjoyed a sample of the local flavours on our doorstep.

Poker Night II follow up.

Poker Night II was a much bigger affair than the first incarnation and was a rousing success. It was quite potentially the largest event the Grog Cobras have ever hosted.
This time we had two tables running out in Beer Lab and a total of 12 competitors.
An increased buy in saw the winner walk away with a bit over $200.
Unfortunately our reigning club champion did not take the pot this year. In fact, nobody from the club took a prize at all with first and second place going to two guests on the night.
Spoony walked away with the major while Snotty got his money back as a second place consolation prize.
Once again, the night was a big success and I imagine Poker Night III won’t be far away.